Low Ball Offer not Always Best

Here in the Murfreesboro Real Estate Market buyers that want to make low ball offers are often suprised  to find out that they have lost out on the purchase of the dream home that they really want. Buyers have this misconception that a seller is desperate to sell and will take anything to move their home.  Sellers and their Realtors have usually priced the home so that it will move in the time frame that the seller needs to move in. When the low ball offer comes in, most of the time in the Murfreesboro Real Estate market the seller rejects the offer beacause the buyers, are not taken serious and other offers are either considered or waited on by the seller. Knowing the sellers motivations are the keys to getting a great deal on a property. Also in the Murfreesboro market knowing the comparisions of the market and having a Realtor that knows the market are keys to getting to an agreeable contract, not the low ball offer.