7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Have a Home Inspection

1. You don’t mind blindly investing hundreds of thousands of dollars 

That’s right, if you don’t care that you may be investing all that money in a nightmare, or the proverbial “money pit”, by all means – waive the inspection.


2. You’re OK with living in a home that you know little about

By getting a home inspection, you will not only discover problematic conditions in the home but you will also “get to know” the home.  You will learn the type of roof, siding, drive, and insulation just to name a few.


3.  An attic with moisture issues is not a big deal  

Every attic needs proper ventilation.  However, if stucco, wood boards, or attic insulation blocks the ventilation, moisture issues can develop.  I see this on countless home inspections.  The attic will be way too hot – almost like a sauna.


4. You don’t care that there is a waste leak in the crawl space

I see it in many homes – an incorrectly installed or deteriorated waste pipe from the shower, sink or toilet dumps waste right into the crawl space.  And what do these conditions add up to?  A health hazard.


5. You don’t mind that the electrical panel is a brand that is known to be defective and a potential fire hazard 

Federal Pacific and Zinsco panels are known to have been manufactured in a defective manner and can cause major problems, even fire.


6. It’s fine that the chimney flue pipe is disconnected or better yet – it’s missing

This is a fire hazard that is known to have burned many homes to the ground. Usually when I see a fireplace that looks like it has never been used, it makes me wonder why.


7.  Its not a big deal that a couple circuits in your service panel are over fused, double-tapped, charred, deteriorated, etc., etc.   

My apologies for the sarcasm, but the list does go on and on.
So, if you are purchasing a home and thinking about waiving the home inspection – think again.  You never know what may be lurking in a home. Often times the homeowner puts money toward fixing cosmetic issues but little toward fundamental systems and conditions. 
Many houses look great; a new paint job, remodeled kitchen, brand new windows and floors.  But be careful, you never know what’s hiding in the crawl space!

Written by: Brent Scott 615-481-7293

Murfreesboro TN