Testimonial from happy client

July 21, 2008

If you need to sell your house, let me tell you there are only 2 real-estate agents out there that can do the job and do it right.  That would be Todd Taylor and Nathan Thompson.  I am personally recommending them to every single person in Middle Tennessee who actually wants to sell their house by an agent that is hard working, personable and can get the job done.  My husband and I put our house on the market with an agent we did not know much about, except he seemed nice and could talk a good game. The sad thing was; he could not sell a good game.  So after NO results, we took our house off the market.  Nathan had called me numerous times telling me what he and Todd could do for us and how they could sell our house.   My husband and I were so impressed with his tenacity that we decided to meet with them.  We were very impressed with how prepared Todd and Nathan where on our very first meeting.  I knew they were the guys for the job and I have to tell you I was right.  They kept in constant contact with you.  Not only did I have them on my contact list in my cell phone, but they had me in their contact list too.  I am pretty sure you won’t find too many agents who do that.  After only 2 weeks on the market Todd brought a Stager to our house to give us ideas for it to show better.  He was not happy with our showing numbers and thought it would help to have her come.  I have to say that as hard as it was and I am telling you it was a hard thing to walk through; we got a contract on our house only 22 days later.  Now their funding fell through after a couple weeks, but Todd and Nathan where on it.  They stayed in constant contact with the market, other agents and our mortgage broker.  We then had a contract that carried us all the way to moving day, then boom, it all started falling apart, but Todd and Nathan didn’t.  Todd stayed on the phone for three days straight trying to get the mortgage broker for the buyers to give him an answer.  He was tireless and stood by our side through the whole thing like we where his one and only clients.  We talked 3 and 4 times a day.  He was my life line through the whole ordeal I know I could not have been sane through it all without him.  Todd and Nathan sat by our sides as we had to sign the loan papers for the new house and still had not closed on the old house.  They stood strong and kept our hopes up that thing would turn out fine.  Four days after we closed on our new house they had had enough with the mortgage broker of the buyers and put our house back on the market.  Todd and Nathan then worked rapidly and effectively to get the house back on the market and on the lips of all their real-estate friends.  They negotiated and worked out all the details to have new carpet put in the down stairs, leaving very little leg work for us, except cleaning up the house and a few touch up items.  Then they took it upon themselves to handle all the showings and not get our hopes us.  Only a short week and a half later they came to us with a contract that we closed on 3 weeks after closing on our new house with completely new buyers.  They never left our side; they went WAY, WAY above and beyond the call of duty to help us through this process.  They never abandoned us or just sat around waiting for someone to come to us.  They were absolutely amazing and if you chose them to be your real-estate agents then you have just made the smartest decisions you have ever made, because these two will not only sell your house, but they will help you find a new one and at the end, you will be able to call them friends, because you have spent so much time communicating with them, they feel like a true friend.  I am grateful every day that I choose Todd and Nathan.  I just wish all real-estate agents could be as good as them, but there not, so choose smart, choose Todd Taylor and Nathan Thompson as your real-estate agent.

Jayne Corbin