Back to School in Bedford County

Whether you are moving to Bedford County or are currently an area resident looking for a new home in Middle Tennessee, you should know that the Bedford County School System will strive to educate your children proficiently. Beautiful homes are listed for sale in Shelbyville that would make an excellent new home for you and your family. There will be many homes to choose from that suit your needs and all you have to do is to call an experienced real estate agent, like Todd Taylor. He can be reached at 615-785-3563.

Bedford County is a great place to raise a family and they have an outstanding school system with 13 schools, an adult learning center and a vocational annex. The school system has a staff of over 900 employees to educate your children quite capably. There is also an alternative learning program for students that may need extra educational attention, as well as a superior magnet school for academically gifted students. About 20 miles from Shelbyville, in Moore County, the Motlow Community College is located for higher learning possibilities.

When you have found your new home in Bedford County, it will be time to gather school supplies for your children to enroll into an area school. If you are new to the Shelbyville area and have an exceptionally high achieving child, they may be eligible to enroll into the Thomas Magnet School. There are various enrollment criteria to meet for the children and parents. Also, report cards, records of attendance, work samples and a teacher recommendation will also be necessary. There will need to be an advanced achievement level in reading and math, along with a proficiency in either social studies or science. New students enrolling for the first time will also be responsible for bringing in their immunization records, social security card, physical exam report and their birth certificate.