10 Tips to Protect Your Home from Snow Damage

Winter weather takes its toll on our houses. From fallen limbs to icy driveways and power outages, the effects of harsh climate can be devastating. This season, keep these tips in mind to protect your home from snowstorms and unkind Winter conditions.

  • Review your homeowner’s insurance policy. Make sure that your policy covers more than the basic burst pipes, fallen trees and water damage from ice dams melting.
  • Wrap outdoor drainage hoses, faucets and spigots with foam to prevent them from freezing. If they freeze regardless, try using a low temperature heat gun to thaw them.
  • Remove ice and snow from basement windows and doorways. As this ice melts, water leakage into the home becomes a threat.
  • Remove trees and / or limbs that come too near to your house before the season’s first snow settles in. This will eliminate the risk of falling limbs damaging your home and will save you from the danger of needing to shake collected snow from limbs after precipitation arrives.
  • Snow gathering on the roof can quickly melt, freeze in the eaves and create ice dams that then force water under your shingles. Use a roof rake or hire a roofing professional to remove snow buildup from your roof.
  • Move basement shelves away from the walls and clear the floors as much as possible to minimize damage should excess water seepage occur.
  • Clean all drains and gutters to ensure they are free of dirt and debris. This will help divert roof runoff away from the base of your house by giving the liquid a clear, flowing path.
  • Insulate your attic. By insulating your attic, you help it maintain a cooler temperature to prevent rapid melting of the snow buildup on your roof.
  • Leave water trickling overnight to prevent the back freeze and bursting of your pipes during the coldest temperature periods of Winter.
  • Prepare for unexpected flooding. When heavy snow melts, the frozen ground is unable to absorb much moisture. Keep water removal companies’ numbers available, ensure your sump pump is fully functional and be keenly aware as the snow around your home turns to water.