Moving Advice to Make Relocating Easier

Whether your family has a new addition, you found a job across the country or you just want a change of scenery, moving is unavoidable. Moving can be chaotic, time-consuming and frustrating event, but if you make smart choices and hire a good moving company you’ll find yourself in your new home in no time.

Packing is definitely the lengthiest portion of the moving process. Use space saver bags for wardrobes. They’re clear, compact, you can easily recognize what’s inside and you can label them boldly with permanent markers.

Have all your packing materials ready and accessible – boxes, newspaper, packing peanuts, tape guns, markers. It’s less frazzling when you don’t have to hunt for things when packing.

When you pack up the kitchen, mark the boxes “kitchen” and leave them in the kitchen. Do the same for the other rooms in your house. This helps the movers know exactly what goes where and saves time.

If you have extremely valuable belongings, move them yourself if you can. Family heirlooms, expensive jewelry, artwork – if it will fit in your car and you would be devastated if it were lost, move it yourself if at all possible.

Prep for the movers. Walk through your new home to make lists, even diagrams, of where you want the furniture and in which rooms all the pieces should go. If you have fragile boxes, mark them with very large, dark print. And don’t be afraid to delegate. Considerately give specific directions to avoid miscommunication and confusion during the move.

Do a final run through. Just like when you’re leaving a hotel room, you need to do a thorough walk through before the final lockup. You never know if maybe a knick-knack fell out of a basket or one shoe was left in the back of a closet.

A final cleaning is not only a consideration for the buyers, but it will help give you a sense of closure and finality. Leave your former home in nice, clean condition before moving to another or hire a moving crew with experience in move-out cleans.