Your Guide to House Hunting

If you’re on the hunt for a new home or condominium, the process can seem daunting at first. Preparation and forethought are key. You want to ensure that you settle into a space that you can grow comfortably in for years. Here are some simple steps and points of thought for keeping your house hunting expedition on course.

Choose a good realtor. Many people underestimate the importance of this step. Get references, learn about the types of properties your potential realtor shows and make an educated selection. The convenience of having a realtor will become clear to you as you begin viewing properties.

Don’t be bashful. Ask any and all questions you have as you select properties to view and as you tour possible new homes. You don’t want to be left with ‘what ifs’ when narrowing your choices.

Take notes. Pen, paper and a camera should always be in tow. You’ll want to take notes to remind yourself of each properties’ pros and cons, and photos will really prove valuable when making your final selections. Informational flyers and pamphlets are often available at locations on the market. Take them. They contain basic need-to-know information about room numbers, the asking price and the properties’ highlights.

Be on watch while driving. If you see a house that you’re interested in that isn’t on your realtor’s route, take down the information and pass it along. Your realtor will do the digging and appointment setting for you.

Have a critical eye. Once you’ve narrowed your options, you’ll want to do a second walk through. Again, don’t be shy. Turn on faucets to look for drips. Schedule your second viewing for a rainy day so that if the ceiling leaks, you’ll know. Look in closets and under cabinets, respectfully if the sellers still reside there. You want to be keenly aware of the space you’re purchasing before you do so.

Lastly, hire a home inspector. Most first time home buyers are wary and consider this step in house hunting imperative. Even if it’s your second or third home, hire a reputable inspector before your closing date. Often, your realtor can provide you with a list of recommended inspectors if you don’t know any in the area.

It’s a great time to move to Nashville. If you’re looking for a new home or condominium, keep these basic steps and tips in mind when embarking on your house hunting journey.