The Importance of Home Inspections for Buyers and Sellers Alike

Whether you’re soon to close on a new house or you’re a home buyer wondering what repairs you should schedule before selling your home, you’ll want to hire an experienced home inspector. Home inspectors are trained to rate the construction, wiring, plumbing – the overall integrity – of a structure.

Home inspections behoove both buyers and sellers. If you’re considering purchasing a new home or commercial space, you’ll want an inspector to provide a detailed, unbiased report on the property’s condition. Certain aspects reviewed by an inspector include the heating and cooling system, plumbing, wiring, attics and insulation, basements, structural / foundational elements and roofs.

New homes – those that haven’t yet seen the impact of residents – should not be overlooked. Those properties, too, should receive a thorough, initial review before individuals inhabit them.

For homeowners, inspections are excellent guides as to what elements of the home should be repaired and improved. Over time, roofs wear out, exposed structural elements needs maintenance and heating and cooling systems require updates.

Home inspections are also beneficial for sellers. Once obtained – for between $200 and $500 typically – inspection reports provide proof of the property’s value and quality to potential home buyers.

Whether you’re selling or buying a home, you can often consult your realtor to find a reputable home inspector. Realtors commonly have connections and standing relationships with local home inspectors, and they can help you find a professional in your area.