Flood Relief Efforts Continue in Nashville – What You Can Do to be Prepared

The Southeast has seen record flooding during the past few months. First Atlanta, then Nashville, southern cities – typically outside the dangers of flooding – are primarily unprepared to deal with large volumes of water. It’s damaging to the commercial and residential sectors of the community, and it takes great preparation and relief efforts to make managing a flood possible.

In Nashville, relief efforts range from cell phone texting, where individuals can donate via a text message, to baseball games, the proceeds going toward the relief effort.

In addition to the presence of relief organizations such as Red Cross, Nashville residents have rallied to raise awareness and aid on their own. Several fundraisers – arts and music festivals, car shows, auctions and benefit concerts – are scheduled over the next few months.

While most of downtown Nashville is open for business, some retail owners and home owners are still working to salvage and recover.

What should you do, as a homeowner, if you’re in danger of imminent flooding? There are some basic preparation tips and helpful advice, from Safe Emergency Services’ (SES) FloodSafe.

  • Have a readiness kit packed and kept in the home at all times. Include items such as a radio and batteries, flashlight, first aid kit, emergency contact numbers, sturdy shoes, extra clothes and a waterproof bag for valuables. If forced to evacuate, remember medications, fresh water and food.
  • When flooding is likely, do as many of the following as possible: stack possessions and electrical objects as high as you can, weigh down items that might float and cause damage, relocate cleaners, chemicals and waste from low locations, gather pets, locate emergency kit.
  • If evacuation is unavoidable, turn off your electricity, gas and water before leaving. Stay in contact with your neighbors – safety in numbers. Try to remain cognizant about weather updates, evacuation shelter locations and your surroundings.

Floods are some of the most devastating natural disasters, and it takes commercial real estate, residential homes, apartments … entire cities much effort and time to recover. Remember these tips in the midst of a flood situation, and try hard to stay calm and panic–free.