Tips for Organizing the Perfect Yard Sale

Summer time is cleaning time for many homeowners and the first step to a deep clean is a purging. Everyone is a collector at some level, keeping items they have little use for, cluttering tabletops and cabinets with excess knick-knacks and dishware.

It it’s time for a de–cluttering session at your house, a yard sale might be in order. Don’t take the task lightly, however, hosting a yard sale is a challenging course to take. There are some must–dos and some should–dos that can make the process a little easier for you.

  • Advertise, advertise, advertise. According to ABC News, a lack of advertisement is the downfall of most yard sales. Go viral, ABC says, and place ads in local newspapers, on Craigslist and yard sale listing Web sites. Put up balloons and largely printed, legible signs at the entrance of neighborhoods. Draw attention to your home on the day of with streamers, balloons and bright colors.
  • Be sure to check with local authorities so you’ll understand where you can and where you cannot place advertisement signs for your yard sale.

  • Lure shoppers with entertainment and freebies. Setting up a table with light snacks and lemonade is a great way draw for shoppers. If you have a buddy who doesn’t mind firing up a grill, offer hot dogs. Candy for children helps keep the little ones distracted while Mommy shops around.

    Have music playing and work to maintain an upbeat, spirited atmosphere.

  • Know how to price. Don’t put off shoppers by overpricing, but price a little high with the understanding that you’ll come down easily. Let the shopper win the negotiation without excessive effort – too much haggling will make people leave in a hurry.
  • Price in sections and by bags. Have bags of items – both related and unrelated – that you sell for a flat rate. For example, if you have a million baby bibs, some old books and a set of tea light holders, toss some of the items in a bag, add a ribbon and charge something moderate, like $5. It’s a deal for the buyer and you get rid of more stuff than you would have if you priced individually.
  • Also, by pricing in sections, you can draw shoppers to the area they’ll likely spend the most money and are most interested in browsing. Furniture in one place, clothes in one place, books in another, kitchenware in yet another.

  • For your sanity’s sake, arrange to have a donation truck come to pick up the leftovers at the end of the day, recommends ABC. You’ll be exhausted and overwhelmed by the close of a long, hot yard sale day. The last think you’ll want to do is load belongings and make several trips to the local donation center.
  • Yard sales are fun, lucrative and engaging for the entire community. But they’re also very hard work if you want them to go well. So be prepared, price well and advertise thoroughly to encourage yard sale success.