Welcoming Others to Your Home – Maintaining a Clean, Organized Entrance

When you have people over, is the first thing they see an overcrowded coat rack? How about shoes piles next to the door? The entryway of a home sees loads of traffic. People coming leaving for work and school, dropping off bags and jackets when they return, and in general, it’s easy to let the entrance area of your home become cluttered and unorganized. Yet, you want guests to get a clean, orderly feeling when they enter your home.

Here are some tips for keeping the entranceway of your home in order.


Carla Hill, managing editor at Realty Times, suggests incorporating seating into your entranceway. A bench is perfect for building storage underneath, and it provides a place for putting on and removing shoes.


If feasible, customize a built-in for your entrance way. Tailor it to meet the needs of your family. If your children play sports, include deep, long draws for soccer bags and baseball bats. If you live in cold weather, customize an off-the ground shoe storage unit where shoes can drip dry and heavy-duty coat hanging center. A mirror is also an excellent feature for an entranceway built-in – perfect for checking that tie or your makeup before walking out the door.

Household Items

Many homeowners need to lay hands on a screwdriver, flashlight or hammer and nails frequently. If you don’t want to trek to the garage for these helpful items every time the need arises, include in your entranceway an organized draw or storage bin for keeping them nearby.


The entrance to your home isn’t the ideal place to sport plush, white carpet. Select a flooring and a finish that are durable and can withstand traffic and moisture. Tile, sealed hardwoods, stones and even concrete are sound options.

Whatever your family’s schedule, the entranceway is sure to see a lot of traffic. Create a place for things that you need to grab quickly on the way out – laptops, school lunches, umbrellas – as well as a place for storing and organizing these items while they’re in your home.

Organization, consolidation and storage options are key to keeping your home’s entrance clean and welcoming.

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