10 Tips for Selling Your Nashville Home During Winter

Ideally, sellers put their homes on the market during spring and summer months. The yard is more appealing, you have more daylight time and overall, the mood during warmer months tends to be cheerier. Yet, if you’re faced with a winter move, here are 10 tips to help ease the stress of winter home selling.

1. Fight the ice and snow. Be sure that your sidewalk, driveway, steps and patio / deck are ice – free and safe when prospective buyers view the home.

2. Staging is key. Make your home feel as warm and welcoming as possible by using ample throws, decorative pillows, fresh flowers and lit fireplaces.

3. Show during the day. Try to arrange showings during the lightest part of the day – early morning to late afternoon. It’s difficult to gain a full impression of a space’s interior and exterior in complete darkness.

4. Highlight location advantages. If your neighborhood is within walking distance of shops and restaurants; if it’s regularly plowed and de-iced; or if it’s near public transportation, let potential buyers know of these benefits.

5. Decorate for the seasons. If you’ll be showing during Thanksgiving, Christmas or other widely celebrated holidays, decorate the home accordingly, keeping simplicity and classiness at the forefront.

6. Offer your guests warm cider, hot tea or similar beverages during the walk through.

7. Make the space feel lived-in. While you want to remove most of your personal mementos – such as family photos – you also want to ensure that your home feels like a great place to live during winter. Set the table, light candles and play music to create a lived-in atmosphere.

8. Wash the windows. Bright winter light, especially when bouncing from the snowy ground, can reveal grime on unclean windows.

9. Set timers. If you’re going to be showing your home after work, or if you’re not always there when potential buyers drive or stop by, set indoor and outdoor lights to timers. Unlit homes are particularly uninviting.

10. Man homeowners require guests to remove their shoes or cover them with booties while viewing the house. While some people like this – as it proves the previous homeowner is clean and cares about the space – others find it peculiar. During the winter, however, when caked-on snow and mud are more commonplace on the soles of shoes, being meticulous about cleanliness is advised.

Planning to sell your Nashville home will undoubtedly be a big decision, and if you’re forced to make it during winter, keep these tips in mind when showing your home. Contact Todd Taylor at email hidden; JavaScript is required for more advice on selling your home.