Nashville, It’s Gardening Time

Many Nashville residents have already started over – seeding their lawns, transferring their potted plants and sprucing up the outside of their homes. Spring is here, and there are several tips to help you prepare for a season of outdoor work.

1. Assess your yard and your equipment. Take a “walk about” with pen and paper in hand. If the grass is patchy, add seed and fertilizer to your list. Check out your tools, including the blades on your lawnmower, and make notes of anything that needs repair.

2. Mowing and pruning. Even if your grass is short from the winter season, it’s important to trim it in order to encourage new growth. As a rule, don’t remove more than a third of the growth. While it’s often better to prune during a tree or shrub’s dormant season, spring lends itself well to cutting back dead growth. If you’re not sure when pruning is appropriate, consult a nursery or yard maintenance service in the Nashville area – one that is familiar with the local flora.

3. Have a soil test performed, and amend the earth around your home accordingly. Before spending time and money on material and labor, make sure your soil is balanced and ready to support plant life.

4. Clean yard art, bird baths and feeders. This can be done using a very diluted bleach solution, but it’s important to rinse the items thoroughly after disinfecting.

5. Consult professionals. Find a reputable Nashville landscaping company or landscape designer to provide you with a consultation. Contact a Realtor – he or she will have seen a variety of landscapes around the area.

A few other springtime gardening tips:

1. Keep an eye on the weather. The Southeast is known for having cold spikes after residents have installed warm weather plants or relocated plants from indoors.

2. Plant native flora. You’ll do yourself a favor by planting flowers, trees and shrubs that grow naturally in your region. Otherwise, you’ll continuously fight to keep the plants in an ideal growing environment.

3. Make gardening comfortable. Install raised beds if you have a difficult time bending to plant or weed. Invest in an outdoor stool, good gloves and knee cushions to maximize your comfort when working in the yard. If tending your garden in painful or a burden, you’ll be less likely to do so diligently.

Keep in mind, a bright, neat yard not only appeals to homeowners and neighbors, it’s a huge selling point. Discuss your curb appeal with Todd Taylor, experienced Nashville real estate agent, by emailing email hidden; JavaScript is required.