5 tips for selling an old home to young buyers

5 tips for selling an old home to young buyers

Selling an old home can be tough anyways, but todays marketplace involves alot of the younger generation which is typically into more modern appeal. There are some things that you can do to your old home to make it ready for the marketplace of the younger consumer. Below are 5 tips for selling an old home to young buyers.

1.  Pre-inspect your home- Call a professional to come out and inspect the home top to bottom so that you can repair and update anything that needs it. Chances are that the buyers will probably get a home inspection before they purchase, so you want to make sure you are ready for that, so when they do there are norepairs that need to be made, and the home will have more value.

2. Buy a home warranty- A home warranty covers repairs (electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing). A home warranty costs around $300 to $400 and reassures buyers that they won’t be faced with a major repair expense in their first year of homeownership.

3. Lighten and brighten your home- Brighten up the rooms in the home by removing any heavy window treatments, and letting plenty of light fill the home so it is bright and uplifting rather than dark and dreary.

4. Paint your home in neutral colors- Younger buyers tend to like what is called pottery barn colors- soft earth tones, off-whites, beige and pale gray. You don’t want super personal color choices, but you can go with a neutral and a contrasting trim color.”

5. Highlight neighborhood amenities- Make sure that you leverage anything in the neighborhood that would appeal to younger buyers. Some examples are near commuter routes or public transportation, swimming pools, tennis courts, a gym, or nearby shops and restaurants

5 tips for selling an old home to young buyers

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