Murfreesboro Real Estate Tips- Replacing an Electric Water Heater

Replacing an Electric Water Heater

If you find that your hot water heater isn’t working properly it can affect alot of things in your him like taking showers, washing clothes, and washing dishes.  Perhaps the heating element is broken, or maybe the high temperature cutoff switch has tripped. Sometimes sediment may settle within the tank, causing the heating element to fail. The pressure relief valve might have malfunctioned, causing water not to heat properly. Or the problem may be as simple as having to adjust your water heater thermostat to a higher level.

Replacing an Electric Water Heater

If you have ruled out the above issues, then it may be time to replace your unit. Make sure you get some help moving the old and new units, and follow the directions below:

1. First turn off the main electrical supply to the water heater, and shut off the main water supply as well.

2. Turn on all hot water taps to drain the hot water heater, and then attach a garden hose to drain what remains

3. Use a pipe wrench to remove the old water lines, ands electrical connections and move the old unit out of the way to install the new one.

4. Move the old unit out of the way to make room for the new one.

5. Follow the directions with your new water heater, and connect all the water lines and electrical connections.

Now that you have the new unit installed, you can turn the power, nd the main water supply back on, then drain the sediment from the bottom by opening the draincock. You can now set the thermostat and enjoy your new water heater.