Murfreesboro Real Estate Tips- How To Install Sprinklers

Murfreesboro Real Estate Tips- How To Install Sprinklers

If your lawn is lacking water to help your grass grow beautiful and uniform, then you might consider installing sprinklers. It can be quite a job, but very rewarding whe you see that beautiful green grass growing, especially if you are trying to compete with the Joneses. Simply follow the step by step directions below and you will be seeing beautiful hydrated green grass in no time.


1. Call the utility office, and have them mark all the locations of the cables

2. Calculate the size of the yard, and make a diagram of where the sprinkers go.

3. Install the anti-siphon valve on the main water lines

4. Dig a trench 6″-8″ deep with a v shape

5. Assemble the sprinkler system according to manufacturer specs

6. Run the pipes in the predug trenches

7. Flush water through the system to remove debris

8. Pick the appropriate sprinkler heads, and install on water lines

9. Fill in trenches with dirt and cover with sod

10. Install the timer, and connect the wires to the main power

11. Test the system to make sure everything works properly

12. Enjoy your new sprinkler system!