First-Time Homebuyers, Have Your Kits Ready

We have all known a mom, sister or girlfriend who can literally save the world with the contents of a well-stocked purse. Everything from band-aids to bobby pins, duct tape to batteries can be neatly stashed in a put together purse, just for emergencies. First-time homeowners, take a bit of this preparedness to heart. It’s […]

A Little About Lebanon

Considered to be “one of the prettiest of Tennessee’s country towns,” according to Lebanon, Tennessee’s official website, the once home to Native Americans, living amongst cane breaks and cedar groves, is now a thriving, modern, cultural city. Lebanon does retain some of its antiquated charm and historic richness. The long – standing town square is […]

Get Together With Your Nashville Neighbors This Fall

Broderick Perkins of Realty Times published an article on September 9, 2010 citing that neighbors – despite the prevalence of social media – still enjoy, even prefer, engaging with one another face-to-face. In a recent poll conducted by Pew Internet, over 2,000 adults were asked about their neighbor relations and how they kept current on […]

Welcoming Others to Your Home – Maintaining a Clean, Organized Entrance

When you have people over, is the first thing they see an overcrowded coat rack? How about shoes piles next to the door? The entryway of a home sees loads of traffic. People coming leaving for work and school, dropping off bags and jackets when they return, and in general, it’s easy to let the […]

Weekend Warriors, Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether you’re getting ready to put your house on the market or your list of DIY weekend projects seems to be getting too long, you can tackle several jobs on your own, usually in a short amount of time, to increase the value of your home. Storage Storage space ranks high on homebuyer’s lists as […]