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Smart Smyrna Homes In A Great Location

Located in Rutherford County, Smyrna homes are conveniently located amidst several manufacturing businesses employing many of the locals. Famous residents of Smyrna including Sam Davis, known as the “Boy Hero of the Confederacy” and NASCAR driver Chad Chaffin. The original Sam Davis home remains a major historical landmark preserving the memory of plantations in Smyrna. […]

Is your home ready for Winter?

Having you HVAC system checked out by a technician, have him service the unit twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall for optium performance when you really need it to perform in the coldest of winter and hottest of summer. Windows and doors need to be sealed by caulk and […]

Team or Individual Agent?

The individual agent can only do so much because he or she is only one person and there are only so many hours in the day.  In The Murfreeboro Real Estate market, agents that are selling and listing homes at a high rate, the team is a must to continue to provide a high level of service. Agents on a team […]

Top Kitchen Countertops

The counter tops that are in a kitchen are one of the most vaulable choices that can be made in the remodel and / or the construction of a new home.  The top choices are granite counters, that really off sets how the  kitchen looks and performs the upper end home usually has a this […]