Prevent Pest this winter !!!!!!!!!

The winter season can welcome pests that want to stay warm and dry with you the homeowner.

Mice can enter you home through the space of a nickel, once these mice enter your home the can cause considerable damage and pose serious health risk to people and pets.  The home owner must inspect for rodent droppings in undisturbed areas of the home. 

These are common things that must be done to your home in order to keep it rodent free in the winter months.

1.  Seal cracks and holes on the outside, look closely where utilities and pipes enter you home.

2. Openings to chimneys and screen vents.

3. Keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces well vented and dry.

4.  Repair fascia, soffits and rotten roof shingles, termites are attracted to deteriated wood.

5. Replace loose mortar and weather-stripping areound basement and windows.

6. If you think that redents have entered you home, contact a professional pest control person.

Have a GREAT holiday season and please call on can help in any area of buying and selling of any and all real estate.