You’ve Decided to Build, Some Things You Might Overlook

You’ve decided to work with a builder to create the home of your dreams. Where to start? The process of deciding on every detail of your new house will be a daunting one.

Many people think if they’re building a house, they don’t need a realtor. In reality, it’s a sound decision to start with an experienced realtor. He or she will be knowledgeable about the area and can help you pick out the perfect plot of land. A local Realtor, like Todd Taylor, is also an excellent source of knowledge regarding who in town is great to work with, where the best schools are located and where city amenities can be found.

Next, it’s time to pick a floor plan. Many people overlook the fundamental importance of picking the correct floor plan. The design will decide on which side the garage is located, what floor the bedrooms are on and how many, the layout of the kitchen and much more. Have in mind some basics you know you want in your home – a formal living room, a covered patio or a third floor attic. Then work from there, modifying the layout of the rooms. Be sure not to overlook storage. You want sufficient closet and storage space built into the floor plan.

Windows and their placement. You want to be sure your new home is adequately lit and that the windows face in the appropriate directions. You don’t want the bay window above the garden tub facing the kitchen window of your neighbor’s house. Voice these concerns to your builder while working on the floor plan.

The exterior of the home can be constructed in many ways. Talk to Todd Taylor and your builder about your wishes – stone, brick, stucco, siding. Many people have a color in mind and work from there. The roofing options are also important – shingles or metal. Don’t overlook the life expectancy of the materials you decide to use. You want your house to last for as long as it possibly can with minimal repairs and structural maintenance.

Don’t forget the small things. If you want a large fridge, be sure the space built for it is big enough. If you have several phones, fax machines and computers, concern yourself with the number of outlets in the house. Small issues regarding lighting, such as whether or not you want fans, dropped lighting, track lighting or recessed lighting, must be deliberated.

Building a house should be exciting, but the details can quickly become burdensome. Sit down with your realtor and builder before embarking and make a checklist. This will help guide you through the process and ensure you don’t overlook something that you will grow to regret.