Team or Individual Agent?

The individual agent can only do so much because he or she is only one person and there are only so many hours in the day.  In The Murfreeboro Real Estate market, agents that are selling and listing homes at a high rate, the team is a must to continue to provide a high level of service. Agents on a team […]

Top Kitchen Countertops

The counter tops that are in a kitchen are one of the most vaulable choices that can be made in the remodel and / or the construction of a new home.  The top choices are granite counters, that really off sets how the  kitchen looks and performs the upper end home usually has a this […]

Low Ball Offer not Always Best

Here in the Murfreesboro Real Estate Market buyers that want to make low ball offers are often suprised  to find out that they have lost out on the purchase of the dream home that they really want. Buyers have this misconception that a seller is desperate to sell and will take anything to move their home.  Sellers […]

Murfreesboro Real Estate Market is Great

Alot of the country has a real estate market that hs taken a big hit. Many markets have taken a 50% cut in values in the last 18 months. The Murfreesboro Real Esate market has held up very well because we have many folks moving here form all over the country. The Murfreesboro Real Estate […]

Home inspector or not

Almost all my clients that are selling and or buying a home ask the the same question. Do I need to have a home inspection? The answer is yes. A home inspector that is licensed by the state can find out if all the systems are in working order.  With the average home in Murfreesboro […]